My career in furniture began in 1988 when I took a job with one of the nations leading residential dining & bedroom furniture manufactures. Over the years my role progressed several times. Assembler, Lathe department manager, Technical Service manager, Quality Control manager. In the early years working as an assembler taught me a lot about how to take furniture apart and reassemble it. I worked full time for this company until 2002 then I returned on a part time basis in 2004 until 2007 when that company decided to get out of the furniture business. My love for furniture has grown greatly over the years and my relationship with that manufacturer will not soon be forgotten.

In late 1988 I began repairing furniture on a part time basis nights and weekends for this same company’s local furniture store for some extra cash. My role was mainly doing scratch and dent touch-up in the consumers home. I loved the one on one relationship with the consumer and this gave me an idea that would soon change my life……….

In 1997 I had a dream to start my own furniture repair business and that’s when “Frier Furniture Fixup” was born. At that time I decided to take a turn and go in a slightly different direction. I still continued to do the scratch and dent touch-ups but repairing broken wobbly furniture became my passion. February 2003 is when I found an amazing super strength permanent epoxy called “Permanent Bond”. This incredible epoxy gave a whole new dimension to my business because from that point I could tell people that from now on all furniture regluing is a one time permanent fix. There would be no need to worry about spending money on regluing the same table or chair again.

I still get to work with furniture. I have the one on one relationship with the consumer. My passion is fulfilled and at this point in my life I could not imagine doing anything else.